Keyholders and Concierge


Keyholders and Concierge


Exclusively for you on Majorca – servicing the North East

Keyholder and Concierge Services Majorca

With our expansive knowledge in Majorca we are able to offer a concierge and keyholder services that caters for all of your needs.

With our prompt, reliable and quality service with over 20 years experience and nearly 20 years on the island, when something goes wrong we know personally who you need, for a quick solution. You know you get local rates and top service when you work with us.

Keyholder in Majorca

Experience the pinnacle of property management with EMPS. Our two-decade-long presence in Majorca’s North East equips us with unrivaled local expertise, ensuring your holiday home is not just well-maintained but also a thriving investment. When your property is rented to others, we take extraordinary care to manage every detail, from security to maintenance, ensuring both homeowner and renter satisfaction. This comprehensive approach provides unparalleled peace of mind, knowing your investment is protected and enhanced. Enjoy seamless holidays and rest easy knowing your property’s value is being maximized under our vigilant management.

Concierge in Majorca

Discover the unparalleled convenience of EMPS’s concierge services, where we extend our personalized touch not only to homeowners but also to their guests. Specializing in creating bespoke experiences, our team ensures every visitor enjoys a uniquely tailored stay in Majorca. From arranging exclusive local tours to booking restaurants that match your culinary preferences, we strive to transform every moment into a memorable experience. This commitment to excellence ensures that your property stands out as not just a place to stay but a hub of unforgettable adventures, adding significant value and appeal for guests seeking the extraordinary.

We offer various packages for clients, contact us for more information. From basic tidy-ups and changeovers to complete over halls.

Let us do the little things so you do not have to, so every visit is a holiday and not a chore.

We can book you cars,services, a personal trainer or arrange delivery of those little things you always mean to go and buy but never seem to get around to.

We can book and plan excursions for through- out your holidays, shows, water sports, equestrian, boat trips, just your group or with other parties.

We have our own in house painters and decorators, handyman and general repairs

Maybe you want to celebrate something at home or  at the villa you have rented and need caterers or you just fancy a day at the golf course or at one of the local spa´s that are available in the area.

We also offer a shopping service so that your fridge, cupboards and wine cellar can be stocked upon your arrival.

As well as our own professional staff, we also count on


Our team at EMPS can handle any project on your property or land. This includes leveraging our team’s vast expertise and ensuring that every project is backed by the proper paperwork, licenses, and insurance. We’re not just about meeting standards; we’re also proud to showcase our work as a testament to our dedication to quality.

Whatever your needs, EMPS is committed to providing solutions that make your life easier and more enjoyable. This means we’re focused on taking care of the details, big or small, allowing you to unwind and fully enjoy the unique atmosphere of your property.