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Remember don’t let the palms get you down!

We provide a service for all tree pruning and all types of palm trees, also we can treat, against the palm weevil!

Which seem to be making a strong comeback!

Most of our team have health and safety, and handler of chemical certificate.

The founder of EMPS is also a Consell de Mallorca registered pool technician

At EMPS, we’re dedicated to maintaining the health and beauty of Majorca’s trees, ensuring they’re not just surviving but thriving. Our comprehensive tree care services include expert pruning and tailored treatments for all tree types, including a specialized focus on palm trees to combat the palm weevil threat. We’re committed to environmental stewardship, employing only the most qualified professionals with health, safety, and chemical handling certifications. As we preserve the natural elegance of your landscape, trust EMPS to enhance the well-being of your trees through our knowledgeable and eco measures. Trees are just a part of what we do. You can trust us with all of your garden maintenance in Majorca. Check some of our images below where you can see our work.

Whether it is a pristine lawn with borders or a more rigorous lay out of trees and shrubs and easy Garden Maintenance in Majorca, we can help and advise you, plant it and look after it for you.

WATERING PLANTS we take the time to help you create the garden you want.

We can design and create the space you are happy to be in when your at your property.

Creating a space you are happy in, with the scents your nose desires and provide the colours your eyes appreciate.

We can cut your lawn, maintain your palms, look after fruit trees, design colour and lay out.

With our skilled staff with local knowledge and abundance of experience lets make your garden area a happy place and not a chore.


Processionary Caterpillars

EMPS have had a few requests on the processionary caterpillar as a lot has been written recently about them, some of it well informed and some of it complete nonsense. EMPS are here to put a few things straight . An article in Wikipedia quotes “it is one of the most destructive species to pines and cedars in Central Asia, North Africa and the countries of SOUTHERN EUROPE”. This is no joke, not only are they destructive to the tree’s they are also poisonous and extremely dangerous to pets and small children, though presenting a slight lesser threat to adults. The article goes on to say “Around the beginning of April, the caterpillars leave the nests in the procession for which the species is known. They burrow underground and emerge at the end of Summer. High numbers of adults are produced in years with a warm Spring.” A couple of things to note here. The article states that we should expect the “processions” to start towards the start of April, yet we know that they are seen as early as February here. It goes on to say that high numbers of adults are produced in years with a warm Spring. Here in Mallorca we have had unseasonably warm Winters resulting in these pests starting their cycle even earlier. Let’s not kid ourselves this doesn’t mean they’ll be gone any quicker, it means the cycle will last longer.


caterpillar and nest eradication

EMPS are happy to offer processionary caterpillar and nest eradication implemented by our qualified technicians. The best solution is one treatment in Autumn before the sap rises during the winter. This treatment lasts a year and eliminates the problem. By calling us NOW to arrange an appointment for the earliest dates of sept/October you will be guaranteeing the safety of children’s pets and trees.

September is the month that the male caterpillar arrives to the pine trees to prepare his nests. However much we love nature and try our best with nature and to be organic these little critters are very harmful to our loved ones and our open spaces. CALL US NOW FOR A FREE CONSULTATION (0034) 671653406.