we make  sure you stay cool in summer

all you need for your Pools maintenance.

pools maintenance and the cleaning of a swimming pool is much more important than just keeping it looking clear. A poorly maintained pool can be a place that is unsafe and unhealthy.

Bacteria levels can be poisonous and an injurious especially to children.

To achieve a pristine pool regular and routine care is essential.

Using both manual cleaning and an Astral professional pool bot, for mid week reviews, we are able to keep your pool immaculate.

At EM Properties & Services we offer a pool cleaning service performed by our fully trained staff.

EM Properties & Services have specialist Pool Cleaners who will ensure that your pool always looks immaculate and crystal clear, ensuring correct pH, Chlorine and Alkaline levels.

Whether it is chlorine or salt, roman or an infinity we will always have it in fabulous conditions so upon your arrival you can get straight in and splash about.

We can also provide quotes for heating systems, covers and any other necessity you may need.