Holiday Rentals

All the property rentals managed and maintaned you see here on our page with direct links to the websites, are managed and maintained by us to our clients specific needs.  There are  houses with sea views, small family rural get aways, and larger villas for bigger families or people who travel in groups. Every single property is available all year round therefore making it possible to come in the winter months, taking advantage of Majorcas superb cycle routes, panoramic idyllic scenery. All have air conditioning, most have central heating. Take advantage have that winter break you know you deserve.

Villa With Heated Private Pool And Wi-fi In Quiet Countryside Location

The villa was built to our design with a feature tower copying the local water towers to allow the property to be comfortable in it’s country setting, it is in the middle of four acres and very secluded, quiet and private. Views of the mountains and surrounding villages are all around yet it is in easy reach of motorway to Palma and airport just 35 mins drive.

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